Motorcycle Mechanics and Maintenance

Motorcycle Mechanics are also known as: Certified Motorcycle Mechanic Motorcycle and Power Equipment Mechanic Professional Motorcycle Mechanic Motorcycle Service and Repair Mechanic Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician. Click to see full answer What is a motorbike technician? A motorcycle technician diagnoses faults, repairs, replaces parts and does routine services on motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds and all terrain vehicles (ATVs). How do I become a motorcycle mechanic UK? To become a motorcycle mechanic in the UK you need a level 2 and level 3 diploma degree in motorcycle maintenance and repair or you have to complete a full apprenticeship. You could […]

Motorcycle & Cars

In a nutshell, Honda and Yamaha were the most-named most-reliable motorcycle brands. “Any Japanese” motorcycle was mentioned after that. That would include Honda and Yamaha, but also includes Suzuki and Kawasaki. Click to see full answer Is a 125 A good beginner bike? Most 125cc machines are suitable for beginners due to their smaller engine size and relative affordability and so it becomes more a case of what you are looking for. Is 125 cc bike enough? The 125cc segment caters to commuters as well as college going youth. It offers the best of both worlds – a good looking […]

Royal Enfield Motorcycles

There are some universal problems in all bullets e.g. engines oil/gear box oil leaks, common electrical problems malfunctions in turning indicators/console problems, frequent wear and tear of break shoe to name a few. Click to see full answer Are Royal Enfield engines reliable? Originally Answered: Are new Royal Enfields reliable? Yes, the new engines are reliable. How much does Royal Enfield cost in USA? Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Price in USA The base model (Fireball) of the motorcycle has been priced at USD 4,399 (INR 3.27 lakh) whereas the mid variant (Stellar) will set you back by USD 4,499 (INR […]

Motorcycle Advice

The progressive approach to a full motorcycle licence takes around five years but means you can obtain a full licence at 21 years old, rather than 24 years old if taking the direct access route to a licence. Click to see full answer What should motorcyclists Never assume? THE MOTORCYCLIST should approach intersections with caution. Never assume the other vehicle drivers see you and will yield. Before riding thorough an intersection, check traffic from the right, left, rear, and front. Especially check oncoming traffic for vehicles that may be turning left. What is the most important rule in biking? To […]

Suspension (motorcycle)

Now, upgrading your motorbike's suspension system can greatly improve comfort, especially if you're getting a setup designed for touring applications. Usually this consists of better damping, sometimes it even involves replacing your bike's fork springs to progressive units, which make for a more compliant front end. Click to see full answer What is the importance of putting springs in motorcycle? The spring works as you may have guessed, it holds the riders and machines weight so when you are travelling along the spring absorbs the bumps on the road or track. Of course this is just one part of the […]